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Mindly Kid's Affirmation Cards

Mindly Kid's Affirmation Cards

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Affirmation cards are used to help increase a child's confidence and self esteem through the power of positive affirmations and positive thinking. The colorful pictures and images are specially designed to be engaging, so that your kids will be grabbing this deck whenever its in sight! 

31 Fully Illustrated Affirmation Cards for kids, children and toddlers between 2-10. In addition to the physical cards, you will receive a complimentary QR code located inside your card box, for a digital version of your affirmation cards to have on your Iphone, Ipad, or laptop.

    Product Info

    31 affirmation cards including a "suggested use guide" and digital card deck.

    Large 4x4 square cards with safe round edges, perfect for little hands.

    Thick card material easy to clean, water resistant with a glossy finish.

    Magnetic card flap with a satin ribbon pull for secure storage.


    CANADA: Shipping accross Canada is expected to be 5-12 business days. Shipping within Ontario is 5-7 business days.

    US: Shipping across US is expected to be 10-14 business days.


    Not satisfied? Mindly will accept returns or exchanges for items that are in new condition and free of damage.

    For a full refund please mail out your item within 30 days from the receipt of your original order. Affirmation cards must be returned with all packaging and cards contained in the deck.

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    • Backed by Science

      MRI scans have shown that certain neural pathways are increased when practicing positive affirmations, specifically the areas of the brain involved in positive self-identity and personal values.

    • Combats Anxious and Negative Thoughts

      Practicing positive affirmations gives children an opportunity to re-program their brains to think optimistic and positive thoughts, instead of negative self-talk and anxious thoughts.

    • Increases Confidence & Self-Worth

      Empower your child to be the hero of their story. Positive affirmations help kids develop a strong sense of self and increase confidence through repititions such as "I can do hard things" and "I love my strong body".

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    Want some creative ways to use our affirmation cards? We've come up with some helpful suggestions on our favourite ways to use your affirmation cards and how to explain affirmation cards to your child!

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