Our favourite ways to use Mindly Kid's Affirmation Cards

Our favourite ways to use Mindly Kid's Affirmation Cards

We believe that kid’s should be taught the “why” behind doing something. In this case, we encourage first explaining the “why” behind using affirmation cards with your children.

woman smiling and talking to her daughter about affirmations for kids

How to explain affirmations to your child: 

“Affirmations encourage thinking positively with compassionate thoughts about yourself & the world around you. Remember your affirmations when you need them most throughout the day. You can always pause and say an affirmation anytime, anywhere.”

“Affirmations teach us and create new and positive ways of thinking. They help us with having a positive outlook in life and believing in our abilities. These affirmation cards are made for kids just like you, and can help you feel better when you are angry or sad.” 

Our Favourite Ways of Using Mindly Kid's Affirmation Cards 

  1. Ask your child to pick a card each day and repeat the affirmation out loud 2-4 times. 
  2. Place a card, or a few cards on the bathroom mirror, vanity or fridge for your child to see each day.
  3. Use Mindly Kids Affirmation Cards to prompt discussions on what the card mean and how the card makes them feel, along with what they think about the affirmation(s)
  4. Use a card or a few cards as a topic for writing activities or as a journal prompt
  5. Use a card to set the tone for the day, or as a daily/weekly challenge. For example: your child picks the affirmation “I can do hard things”; discuss about how you both can carry this attitude throughout the day or week. At the end of the challenge period, ask how the affirmation showed up and what actions or thoughts fit with the affirmation’s theme.
  6. Use affirmation cards as a way to improve mood or combat against negative thinking. If you find your child feeling down or having negative thoughts, talk through the emotions with them, and suggest saying some affirmations together. If you don’t have your physical cards with you, use the digital copy of your cards when on the go!
  7. Pack a card or some cards in a school bag or lunch box for a mid-day surprise!
  8. Our daughter’s favorite way of using Mindly Kid’s Affirmation Cards is to pick up the deck, and lay out as many cards in front of her, asking me to go through each one as she repeats the phrase after me. This method is especially great for younger children who need support to read the card. The colorful imagery keeps children engaged and the empowering affirmations help uplift the child’s mood. 
  9. Have fun! The best way to use Mindly Kid’s Affirmation cards are the ways that are the most fun for your family. Whether you go with our suggestions, or your own, we know that you will enjoy them regardless. 


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