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Create Mindful Moments

Positive Affirmations teach children how to be mindful of their thoughts, so that they can embrace positive thinking to remain happy, calm and content with life, especially through stressful times.

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Empower the Great Minds of Tomorrow

Mindly's mission is to empower great minds; especially the minds of tomorrow who will shape our future state of the world. Happy and mindful children, create happy and mindful communities.

  • Backed by Science

    MRI scans have shown that certain neural pathways are increased when practicing positive affirmations, specifically the areas of the brain involved in positive self-identity and personal values.

  • Combats Anxious and Negative Thoughts

    Practicing positive affirmations gives children an opportunity to re-program their brains to think optimistic and positive thoughts, instead of negative self-talk and anxious thoughts.

  • Increases Confidence & Self-Worth

    Empower your child to be the hero of their story. Positive affirmations help kids develop a strong sense of self and increase confidence through repititions such as "I can do hard things" and "I love my strong body".

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